How to Make Lemonade

This unique triumph over my fear of failure happened on accident. I did not intend to hurt myself or to instill fear in my parents’ hearts. Life hands us lemons when we least expect them and when we would really prefer not to have them at all.

The End of a Love Affair

We first met when we were just kids. She was a little older than me; I was nervous she could see right through me. I had a hard exterior back then, a sense of entitlement with a touch of masked anger. I built a high wall with a mote around my heart, and she knew it right away.

She and I

We’ve been together 5 years but most of the time we’re yelling, crying, or fighting with each other. We kiss and make up as quickly as we fall out, but the scars remain. We’ve talked about ending it for good, but each time we stare at each other and say nothing, we realize we could…

incredible india

You’ve seen that ad right? With shorts of an elephant washing herself with a beautiful spout of Ganga water and impersonating Gods in Kerala laughing about something hilarious and all the crazy Holi colors being strewn about by a foreigner having a great time in the midst of many, many happy brown people. It’s enticing….

Home again

I’m almost 28. I can safely boast I’ve lived and loved in 10 different crazy cities in this incredible world. But today, after having visited 2 of those cities over the past month, ones I spent the majority of my life in, I realize I now consider Delhi my home. When I land back on…


I bought and consumed Sheryl Sanberg’s “Lean In” yesterday in its entirety. For both male and female readers, Sheryl has launched the civil war of our generation, this is a quick and must read. Rather than sit back and hope for people to recognise our wins, Sheryl implores women to stand up and demand to…


As I tentatively strolled into the open courtyard lined with stone pathways and young children holding up their quiet signs, I noticed a rectangular cynosure set in the middle of the grounds, topped with flowers and people touching their foreheads to the marble. A man asked me gently if I knew where I was going.


How often do we mean exactly what we say and say exactly what we mean?

this new life

I think it may have just hit me that I actually live here. I guess my longest real “vacation” never exceeded 3 weeks. Tonight I will celebrate my three weekiversary here.


Although, I cant sit here and say I didn’t enjoy my time in NYC. It was exciting and fast and fleeting and I met a lot of people. In the 1.5 years I lived there, I had three amazing roommates who I plan to stay close with forever. I met some great people who have taught me a lot and some not so great people who have showed me how bad things can get.