The Path of Greatest Resistance

The problem today is that we don’t know what the problem tomorrow will be. So we keep on planning. Hoping we kind of know. But you never know.

Stars in the Sky

I was dreaming about Unreasonable last night, about the long lost brothers and sisters I discovered 3 long years ago. I was reminded of our idealism, then. And maybe still.


I’ve always loved the beginnings of things. Standing on the precipice of something old and mundane, gazing out into the blissful unknown, digging my toes into the ground and waiting for the right moment to take off. The beginnings of things. Where my heart is nervous, and excited, and challenged, and intrigued. Where my mind…

in transit

I asked her when I could come by the shelter and she smiled her big warm smile, slapped my knee, and exclaimed, “We want you now!” The next day I went to meet 15 of the sweetest young women. As Jaya walked me through the house, we discussed the girls’ stories while they joined us in the hallways, a façade of oblivion and bliss painted across their tortured faces. It is near impossible for me to comprehend how a girl, not yet woman, could have endured such pain and struggle, and still smile as brightly as they do. Jaya made me feel so at ease, I left my inhibitions to the wind and asked all my questions.


My father is running, swimming, and biking a triathlon. My father. A triathlon.

carpe diem

I come away from today with a spark lit inside me that screams at the top of its lungs, “This is our moment! Carpe Diem.” It is possible to spark change and to be that change if we can harness the skills that each of us have been endowed with and capitalize on those complex understandings of the world to solve the most difficult questions out there. Just how much are we willing to commit to this cause, the cause of the people in this world, to seize the passion within us and solve the puzzles that lie in absolute disarray?

be the change

I would be honored to become part of this selective group of people who make up the young trail blazers of the world’s future. The application is due on December 7th, and if you are reading this blog, you are clearly interested in my life and what brought me here. In which case, you may also be interested in how you can get involved. I urge you to check out the website and determine if you are up to the challenge!

in transit

I just touched down at the Taipei airport in Taiwan! I get the feeling Taiwanese people are rather calm and collected. To be honest, I didn’t expect it. Yes, you will most probably see tons of stereotypes rearing their ugly heads in my posts because, well, I am an American. And we love our little…