My Battle With Depression

“He keeps asking me what’s wrong. I wish I knew, but I don’t. I don’t know. So I make something up to keep the monsters at bay. I feel so unhappy. I feel empty inside. I feel lifeless. I fear what the future holds for me. I fear the dismay with who I have become….

The Path of Greatest Resistance

The problem today is that we don’t know what the problem tomorrow will be. So we keep on planning. Hoping we kind of know. But you never know.

You and Your Editor

I slipped in to an astro-turfed rooftop of a fancy new restaurant in south Delhi, pretending I was fashionably late. I offered the onlookers who threw me the death stare a complimentary pageant girl wave. The show may begin. Two women sat on plush couches with floor lamps you’d buy at the fake vintage shop down…

5 years in training

I reached the end of a notebook today. Every time I get to the last page of a notebook it feels like an apt time to reflect. It’s a bit too unceremonious for my sentimental heart to simply shut the book, open a new one, and keep on trekkin. This time I reflected back to…

Stars in the Sky

I was dreaming about Unreasonable last night, about the long lost brothers and sisters I discovered 3 long years ago. I was reminded of our idealism, then. And maybe still.


I was sipping on a voluptuous glass of red wine in a small corner bar at the edge of Saint Marks. Lost in thought. Rashi plops down on the stool next to me with a sigh. And a smile. She has one of those playfully honest and beautifully toothy smiles one can never quite forget….


I bought and consumed Sheryl Sanberg’s “Lean In” yesterday in its entirety. For both male and female readers, Sheryl has launched the civil war of our generation, this is a quick and must read. Rather than sit back and hope for people to recognise our wins, Sheryl implores women to stand up and demand to…


What does it mean to have a well educated country? When neither those residing in New Delhi nor those of New York City nor those of Helsinki know how to make a woman feel respected, valued, and unobjectified throughout the city; what is the value of calling ourselves educated? Just as the loving father states,…


I’ve always loved the beginnings of things. Standing on the precipice of something old and mundane, gazing out into the blissful unknown, digging my toes into the ground and waiting for the right moment to take off. The beginnings of things. Where my heart is nervous, and excited, and challenged, and intrigued. Where my mind…


Enveloped in the still of a black night, we chug along through breathtaking beauty. Blindly. Sticky shoulders bumping, eyes darting, jumping, resting. The white of a tube light rolls in and out of my rectangular peep hole. A smell eludes my thoughts…oils. Masalas. I watch as a young woman banters with her friend. Inimitably, cleverly,…