5 years in training

I reached the end of a notebook today. Every time I get to the last page of a notebook it feels like an apt time to reflect. It’s a bit too unceremonious for my sentimental heart to simply shut the book, open a new one, and keep on trekkin. This time I reflected back to…


The glee continued to surprise and delight me as its honesty and unfiltered exhilaration persisted throughout the following few days. Seeing someone so absolutely thrilled with the mere sight of water is like watching a baby take her first steps. Trepidation, sincerity, discovery, euphoria. I tried to capture a moment in which I had felt that way in the near past and was left empty handed. Had my maturity washed away my innocence and unabashed appreciation for the simplest of things in life, abandoning me for what I like to call ‘wit and class’?


The “wow” statement encompasses a multitude of thoughts and impressions from that simple conversation in the wee hours of another Sunday Morning run. This one happened to be a bit different from the last given there was a tiger involved, 2,500 people, and some pretty old temples, but the warmth of the country remains the same.