The Path of Greatest Resistance

I’m in my head. It hurts sometimes to be so in my head. So caught up in the painstaking possibilities of the world. The future. This beautiful future we are building for our future selves. For our future children. For our future problems.
The problem today is that we don’t know what the problem tomorrow will be. So we keep on planning. Hoping we kind of know. But you never know. The beauty is in how well we learn to adapt to the change. Change in our circumstances. In the people around us. In ourselves.
We witness so much beautiful change, while we reject the idea that change could be¬†good. It could help us wash away what’s wrong. Preserve or redo what’s right. We might get it wrong again. Then there will be more change and we will get another chance.
What can we do to mitigate the fear within us?
We attempt the things we are scared of. We try. We take the leap that feels the least enticing, we follow the path of greatest resistance.
It hurts at the start. It’s filled with thorns and snakes and quicksand. They want you to stop because you are trying to incite change. Change in the world. Change in today. Change in yourself.
But then, after you’ve given it all you’ve got, after you’re just about through with all this nonsense, the path clears. The snakes let up, the sand¬†hardens. The thorns move aside to a scene that is…stunning, unbelievable, perfect.
You know they’ll come back because you aren’t done yet, you must keep moving, but for that brief, rare moment, you realize, it was all worth it.

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