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I just touched down at the Taipei airport in Taiwan! I get the feeling Taiwanese people are rather calm and collected. To be honest, I didn’t expect it. Yes, you will most probably see tons of stereotypes rearing their ugly heads in my posts because, well, I am an American. And we love our little bubbles of ignorant bliss! But I wont lie, I wasn’t exactly sure where Taiwan was located until I saw it on that nifty little plane map. Don’t judge me.
I have all sorts of energy for some reason, even though I just spent 19 hours in an airplane, and will spend another 4 getting to Phnom Penh. I cant wait! I am super pumped to get into the city I will call home for the next year of my life. I want to meet everyone and accomplish everything and see the world. I know, you’re thinking I’m setting my expectations way too high which can only lead to disappointment. That’s probably true, but heck, I’m young, unattached, excited, and perhaps clinically insane! This is my moment. I’m giving it all I’ve got and taking all I can from it.
I leave you with a little tidbit from my diary: Keep running. Keep smiling. People come & go. In the end, you only have your memories to look back on. If they do not make you smile, they were not worth you time.

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  1. Madhu says:

    Dear Shabnam,
    We look forward to taking the journey with you through your blog and chats over skype and hopefully a visit to your new home.
    Keep up your positive attitude, and make everyone smile in your way.

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