planting roots

So I have great happy upbeat news today! I found an apartment that overlooks the river in the expat part of Phnom Penh. It’s absolutely huge (as compared to my NYC apartment) with my own bathroom and comes furnished with a beautifully large balcony. Our apartment takes the whole floor of our building. The walls are lined with photographs that my to-be roommate has taken. We had a brief moment where I looked at a picture of my most favorite place on earth- Cinque Terre- and asked him if that was what the picture was, and he said “You are the first to ever guess that correctly!”
Then lights shone down upon us and we knew we were meant to be roommates…
Haha, ok but seriously. We shook on a deal after seeing the apartment for 2 minutes and deciding it was perfect! I moved in today and cannot wait to unpack.
My coworker is giving me her SIM card when she leaves on Friday, so I now have a cell phone number as well…Although I’m at odds as to whether that’s a good thing or not (Dad, this does not mean CALL ME at 4am because you were worried I forgot about you)
Now for the clencher…my rent. If you live in NYC you should close your eyes and ears because you will want to cry when you read this. I pay $250 a month.
Yup. And it’s furnished.
I will leave you with that bitter taste in your mouth.
Enjoy. 🙂

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  1. avnish says:

    I am in lala land – Shabnam not only has a place to live,
    she will have a CELL phone. Amazing stuff …
    Life back in the States seems to go from bad to worse
    on a daily basis – we are getting fresh news daily
    about the demise of the US economy, and how otherwise
    great companies are about to go bankrupt. Meanwhile,
    Shaboo is having a great time in Cambodia.
    I think I need to take a holiday !!!

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