The Path of Greatest Resistance

The problem today is that we don’t know what the problem tomorrow will be. So we keep on planning. Hoping we kind of know. But you never know.

You and Your Editor

I slipped in to an astro-turfed rooftop of a fancy new restaurant in south Delhi, pretending I was fashionably late. I offered the onlookers who threw me the death stare a complimentary pageant girl wave. The show may begin. Two women sat on plush couches with floor lamps you’d buy at the fake vintage shop down…

Learning to listen

A brown and black striped kitten waltzed into my bedroom tonight, unannounced. She came in through the balcony on her tippy toes. Ears perked. Eyes wide and darting. I didn’t even notice I was in her presence until she was right here next to me, waiting for what I’d do. Sometimes people come into your…


I was sipping on a voluptuous glass of red wine in a small corner bar at the edge of Saint Marks. Lost in thought. Rashi plops down on the stool next to me with a sigh. And a smile. She has one of those playfully honest and beautifully toothy smiles one can never quite forget….

incredible india

You’ve seen that ad right? With shorts of an elephant washing herself with a beautiful spout of Ganga water and impersonating Gods in Kerala laughing about something hilarious and all the crazy Holi colors being strewn about by a foreigner having a great time in the midst of many, many happy brown people. It’s enticing….

The Search

“Yes, I was happy in that moment. I felt bathed in a warm sense of accomplishment. Nothing troubled me; I was a young New Yorker with the city at my feet. How soon that would change!” – The Reluctant Fundamentalist By Moshin Hamid What comes next in this story, and many more I have recently…


I bought and consumed Sheryl Sanberg’s “Lean In” yesterday in its entirety. For both male and female readers, Sheryl has launched the civil war of our generation, this is a quick and must read. Rather than sit back and hope for people to recognise our wins, Sheryl implores women to stand up and demand to…

riches to rags

I wrote the following piece (with some minor edits for context) 1.5 years ago, at a low point in my life, to myself more than anything else. Recently, when I meet people and they ask me if they should give up their job to pursue work for the greater good, I find I have a…


4 weeks ago I did something stupid. The day started out relatively innocuously. I woke up on a lazy Sunday morning to my diligent, slightly aggressive agenda: breakfast at 9. run at 10. picnic at 12. tea at 5. dinner at 7. Nothing too earth shattering. What then proceeded to occur was also standard operating protocol. I…


Tiny drops of baarish pitter patter on the floor beside me. The wind picks up and the trees rustle as if to sing a little chan chanaa chan chan ditty. The birds chirp on the windowsill while cars honk their way through the crowded streets. The beginnings of a perfectly staged Bollywood movie. I’m sick….